Ep 30 - Apple's AR future, Hands-on iPad Pro, Forstall breaks silence

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What's in this episode?

We've all probably tried Augmented Reality at some point: whether it's a Snapchat filter, Pokemon GO, some form of image-triggered 3D content... and now Apple are here to change the game with ARKit. We touch on some in-progress AR apps as well as what we think their ultimate AR vision could be.

Nic got to check out the new iPad Pro in-store - does ProMotion truly make a difference? And will he take the purchase plunge? Listen to find out. Nic's other half also drops in proud to discuss her bowtiful new Watch accessory.

After being famously ousted with the original Apple Maps debacle, Scott Forstall takes a break from Broadway to talk iPhone, Steve Jobs and... spearfishing? ICYMI we handpick out favourite points of the interview and the WSJ anniversary special.

Plus, Simon gets his Touch Bar on with a refreshed GarageBand... mmm tasty beats.


Podcast timestamps


Product Perception

  • 00:02:20 - Pride Apple Watch Band - Review
  • 00:06:30 - Hands-on 10.5” iPad Pro
  • 00:14:50 - GarageBand 10.2 update - Review

The Water Cooler

  • 00:21:30 - Apple’s AR game plan
  • 00:24:20 - Nike+ SNKRS iOS AR app
  • 00:29:45 - Made with ARKit - Twitter link
  • 00:34:00 - IKEA AR app for iOS 11 launch?

Pick A Patent

  • 00:38:30 - Apple file AR-specific patent

Core Focus

  • 00:41:00 - Scott Forstall talks iPhone and Steve Jobs
  • 00:52:50 - Fadell, Christie and Forstall iPhone special