Ep 32 - New iPhone SE, 10.5” iPad Pro review, The Rock x Siri, Encryption ban

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What's in this episode?

For a typically quiet month, a lot happened in the Apple arena recently. Clips, thought to be forgotten, receives a surprise update, while the mid-tier iPhone SE could soon see a swift spec bump! Apple also pen their machine learning love in journal form while The Rock and Siri excel at well… everything in a hilarious ’short film’

The contention of the Apple vs FBI saga has trickled its way down under with a proposed encryption ban - yes it’s the Aussie government taking on Apple… this may get messy. On a brighter note, Simon gives a glowing review on the 10.5” iPad Pro and first impressions of ‘Photoshop killer’ Affinity Photo.

It’s also wrist-on with the latest Nike Sport Band, and some interesting rumours surface on batteries. Yes, batteries.


Podcast timestamps

Product Perception

  • 00:00:50 - 10.5” iPad Pro - Review
  • 00:23:20 - Obsidian Nike Sport Band - Review

Rumour Mill

  • 00:27:50 - Apple working on electric car batteries
  • 00:33:40 - A new iPhone SE for August?

The Water Cooler

  • 00:37:50 - Apple’s Machine Learning journal

Deal Down Under

  • 00:44:10 - Aussie government propose ban on end-to-end encryption


  • 00:49:30 - The Rock x Siri - Dominate the Day


  • 00:53:10 - Affinity Photo - First impressions
  • 00:56:30 - Clips revived with new update