Ep 49 - Gold iPhone X + SE 2, Watch Face Future, Meet Daisy

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What's in Episode 49?

With rumours at an all-time high, backed by new evidence, could we finally see a second iPhone SE? Then the FCC casually reveal a Gold iPhone X… so what happened to it?

Simon and Nic delve into what’s next for Apple Watch Faces - could it be an exciting expansion or mighty mess? Liam also becomes Daisy (well, sort of) with an enhanced iPhone recycling system both good for the planet and the consumer.

Plus a ‘red herring’ from Tim Cook? Don’t just read about it… listen about it! Just another earsome episode of Apple Slice.

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Podcast timestamps


  • 00:01:20 - Meet Daisy

Core Focus / Deal Down Under

  • 00:08:50 - Cook pulling a ‘red herring’ on us?

Rumour Mill

  • 00:16:50 - iPhone SE 2 in May?
  • 00:23:00 - The future of Apple Watch Faces
  • 00:34:30 - Existence of a Gold iPhone X

Edible Extras

  • 00:40:40 - App downloads skyrocket!
  • 00:44:00 - 13” MBP Battery Replacement Program