Ep 50 - AirPort Ends, Not-So “Doomed” iPhone X, Apple Leaks Run Dry

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What's in Episode 50?

While Apple boast a thriving array of products, a handful are left stagnant with no sign of change. Apple’s decision to officially discontinue the AirPort line raises a few points worth getting off the runway.

Simon and Nic reveal interesting sales stats for Q2 2018, with one tackling the so-called “doomed” iPhone X. A major source for Apple tech rumours leaves, so what will this mean for the often misleading tech clickbait headline?

Plus Apple Watch survival and SE 2 in the wild! Jump on board Episode 50 of Apple Slice.

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Podcast timestamps


  • 00:00:08 - Another milestone!

Product Perception

  • 00:01:15 - AirPort discontinued

The Apple Tree

  • 00:10:30 - Q2 2018 figures + silencing critics

The Water Cooler

  • 00:19:40 - Primary Apple rumour source ends
  • 00:30:40 - Apple Watch saving lives

Rumour Mill

  • 00:33:20 - SE 2 in the wild!


  • 00:37:40 - Reviewing Reviews