Bonus Bite - Social Podcast App ‘Breaker’ with CEO Erik Berlin

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Finding a podcast player with the right balance of design, function and suitability for your listening habits may prove to be a tricky process. This is where Erik Berlin and crew cruise in with ‘Breaker’ - the social podcast app.

In this Bonus Bite, Simon rides the ‘Breaker’ wave as Erik (Breaker CEO) drops tech talk on the design, development and vision of this exciting social-centric podcast player. Give it a go right here.

A podcast pro with tech insight, all wrapped up in a Bonus Bite!

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Special Guest: Erik Berlin, Breaker CEO


Having over a decade of programming to his name, Erik leads the San Fran-based Breaker team (alongside Co-founder Leah) with a mission to make podcasts social and very shareable.

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Name and Logo Design • 'The New Breaker' by Josh Williams

App Design • 'Redesigning Breaker' by Emma Lundin