Bonus Bite - iOS 12 Concept: Behind the Scenes with iupdateos

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What's in this Bonus Bite?

In the tech space, concept videos ebb and flow - some questionable and others outstanding. On April 6, an exciting new iOS 12 concept was launched courtesy of iupdateos - what set this apart from others was the attention to detail married with features that could very well appear at WWDC 18.

In this Bonus Bite, Simon speaks to the mastermind behind this concept. Sam (iupdateos) was happy to jump on board and provide a behind-the-scenes look at how his vision for iOS 12 came to life.

It's conceptual and exceptional, it's Bonus Bite by Apple Slice.

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iOS 12 Concept Video

Special Guest - iupdateos


Sam began making tech videos back in March 2013 and launched soon after. He is currently studying at Uni aiming to do independent media full-time.

With a prominent online presence and passion for Apple, you can check out Sam's work with the links below.

Web •
YouTube • /iupdateos
Facebook • /iupdateos
Twitter • @iupdateos
Instagram • @iupdateos


Podcast timestamps

  • 00:00:30 - Welcome Sam from iupdateos
  • 00:04:50 - iOS 12 concept overview
  • 00:06:20 - Bringing in support
  • 00:09:50 - Unpacking the features
  • 00:23:30 - Looking for a theme
  • 00:32:00 - Control Center solution
  • 00:35:40 - More from iupdateos