Bonus Bite - iOS 11, watchOS 4, High Sierra, iPad Pro, iMac Pro, HomePod

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What's in this episode?

With so much WWDC action to talk about, we've pulled out our second BONUS BITE - an extra edible mini-sode format from Apple Slice Podcast.

What tvOS? While little time was dedicated to Apple TV's software, it was iOS 11 that stole the spotlight, in its multi-tasking iPad-centric glory!

For the small screen, watchOS 4 received a brilliant new watch face and other handy features. The Mac also gets high... High Sierra.

In what proved to be a very Pro event, we discuss the new 10.5" iPad Pro, refreshed iMacs and the spectacle known as iMac Pro. Plus, Siri Speaker turns HomePod with an audio delivery that significantly surpasses the competition.


Podcast timestamps

Bonus Bite

  • 00:01:00 - iOS 11
  • 00:06:25 - watchOS 4
  • 00:11:00 - macOS High Sierra
  • 00:16:10 - iPad Pro 10.5” / 12.9”
  • 00:21:50 - iMac / iMac Pro
  • 00:26:35 - HomePod
  • 00:32:50 - What was missing