New iPad Pro is here!

The new iPad Pros are here and the hardware is great but you should wait to buy one. Just this week, the all-new 10.5 inch iPad Pro and a refreshed 12.9 inch iPad Pro were made available for purchase. As always, the reviews are in and they are unanimous - the iPad Pro is blisteringly fast but the real standout is the new screen.

Apple calls the technology in the new iPad screens ProMotion. What ProMotion actually means is quite unclear because the previous iPad Pro's had variable refresh rate but a refresh rate of 60hz. It seems, therefore, that ProMotion is the combination of 120hz refresh rate and variable refresh rate. The results are amazing. I had a chance to briefly check out the new iPads at the Sydney Apple Store and I immediately noticed the smoother scrolling and minimal latency when using the Apple Pencil.

The new A10x processor is other-worldly. The Geekbench scores are miles ahead of any other mobile device and are comparable with the 12-inch MacBook. This is great for any pros wanting to do some mobile video editing, Excel or Word or even photo editing. It’s not unusual for the new iPad to be unnecessarily fast and is probably why people wait to upgrade their iPads.

There are new storage tiers - 64GB, 256GB and, for the first time, 512GB. These new tiers prove Apple is serious about these devices being laptop replacements. So serious in fact that they almost have me on board. There is no way that I could ever do my job on an iPad because coding apps are not allowed on the App Store but they are capable of every home task I throw at them. Home projects, light Swift coding, document scanning and markup, budgeting, emailing, podcasting and video editing are all as good, if not more enjoyable on the iPad Pro than on my MacBook Pro. Look for more on this topic in the future.

It’s at this point that you are probably wondering why I started by saying you should wait to buy the new iPad Pro. The answer is simple - iOS 11. iOS 11 is a game-changer for the iPad. Powerful multi-tasking, drag and drop, Apple Pencil improvements, improved app dock and so many other improvements make iOS 11 and the new iPad Pro essential partners. If you only used your old iPad for basic tasks, I don’t think the new iPad on iOS 10 will change that. If you were to wait until September, the story would be completely different.

So if you want to love your new iPad, you should wait to buy one. I suggest buying the new Apple Leather Sleeve, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard but most importantly, I suggest picking up the USB-C 29W charger and USB-C to lightning cable while you wait. These accessories will help make sure that the iPad becomes your primary device.

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