Simon says... prepare for WWDC in style

Yep, that's some sweet 3D

Since 2003 (excluding 2006), Apple have held WWDC during early to mid June. In the months leading up to this annual event, the excitable Apple fanbase sit tight awaiting an official reveal of the location, dates and a unique design theme.

In the past it has been possible to draw connections between design elements of these themes and what is announced at the events. However, in the current climate of supplier leaks and software secrets, Apple have kept their cards closer than ever with visuals that remain thought-provoking yet ambiguous; providing artistic and often multi-coloured flair for retina-ready impact.

The 2018 design certainly racks up style points, with a premium glassy white angular 3D flavour (see below). Apple go one step further utilising a superbly animated reveal on the official WWDC landing page.

Look for clues... or just appreciate the wonderful design

Look for clues... or just appreciate the wonderful design

Now to decorate

While the main event is months away, you can deck out your devices with source image / video files courtesy of Apple (download below).

Standard wallpaper

  • iPhone X users: I modified an image to help avoid the auto-cropping when setting as your wallpaper. The design elements are also centred vertically.
  • All other iPhones: I modified the design elements to be centred vertically. Will scale to fit iPhone 5 / 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 and Plus variants.

Live Photo wallpaper

  • Unfortunately uploading a Live Photo version of the video animation does not work via Dropbox / Google Drive / any other public file sharing platform.
  • To create your own, download the portrait video (button below) and use a Video to Live Photo app such as Live Maker. From there you can save it as a Live Photo and set it as your lock screen wallpaper.

...and the Event details

  • June 4 - 8 (US)
  • McEnery Convention Center, San Jose CA
  • Live stream times and viewing methods - TBA

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