Simon says... you don't want to miss WWDC

2017 packs Protential

There are a handful of times per year that Apple fans achieve next level ‘cray cray’ – Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference ( WWDC ) is one of these times. Primarily software and services based, WWDC is centred around a polished and fine-tuned presentation commonly referred to as the ‘Apple Keynote’. For several years now, keynotes have been accessible worldwide ( it's in the name ) via live stream for each of these events.

Unfortunately, down here in Australia, this requires an early morning viewing experience - though this has become somewhat a rite of passage for the truly dedicated enthusiast. As standard practice, Apple roll out announcement highlights from the keynote to the website shortly after, as well as providing the keynote in a viewable / downloadable format. So, like kids on Christmas morning, you can expect an excitable, caffeine-induced-like behaviour from fans the day of an Apple event - public, beware!

On Tuesday June 6, Australians can live stream WWDC at...

Western Australia   Tuesday June 6 at 1.00am

Western Australia

Tuesday June 6 at 1.00am

Sa / nt   Tuesday June 6 at 2.30am

Sa / nt

Tuesday June 6 at 2.30am

QLD / NSW / ACT / VIC / TAS   Tuesday June 6 at 3.00am


Tuesday June 6 at 3.00am

The Guaranteed-To-Be-There

It would simply not be a developers conference without new software. Taking place in the McEnery Convention Centre ( San Jose, California ) you can bet on seeing the next major updates for Apple’s entire software line up at WWDC. My feeling is a central focus around Siri and SiriKit, as well as more collaborative features and a major push for iOS on iPad - multitasking, drag ’n’ drop, 3D touch; to name a few.

Back in our 2017 Predictions episode, I put forth potential names for the next macOS with ‘macOS Tahoe’ being the favourite. Also, if Shelley Beach becomes THE default iOS 11 wallpaper, I will explode into glitter with excitement.

A brief overview...

  • iOS 11
  • macOS 10.13
  • watchOS 4
  • tvOS 11
  • Siri

The Fingers-Crossed-It’s-True

Nic and I covered the recent rumour hype around 'Siri Speaker' ( Episode 26 ) and redesigned iPads ( Episode 27 ), though we’re collectively sitting at a 60% likelihood. In the past we’ve been patiently awaiting announcements, such as an Apple video streaming service, that are yet to see the light of day. In a dream world we would love to get our hands on all of these, but to be realistic let’s not get carried away until they bathe ‘neath the limelight.

There is plenty of reason for WWDC 2017 to feature new hardware - let’s sum it up...

  • Siri Speaker
  • iPad Pro 10.5”
  • iPad Pro 12.9”
  • Macbook Pro spec bump
  • and on the services side: Amazon Prime Video

The No-Way-Jose

Just in case word on the street has led you down a dark alley, I’ll screech to a halt to draw the hard line. There is a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing the long-awaited, bezel-less ‘iPhone 8’ at WWDC. Along with this, you will also not lay eyes on an iterative update to the current iPhone aka ‘iPhone 7s’. Any flagship iPhone announcements are destined to be revealed in a September keynote.

Following the trend of previous years, an update to the Apple Watch is likely for the very same September event. A pre-announced 'iMac Pro' is also bound for a late 2017 reveal - let’s lock it in for October, son ( blame RVC for that last bit ).

With current reports of production scheduling and design ambiguity, I can confidently say you will not see:

  • iPhone 8 / iPhone X / iPhone Anniversary Edition
  • iPhone 7s
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • iMac Pro (update: I was totally wrong about this one, my bad!)

Simon said

That’s pretty much a wrap! Be sure to tune in via the graphically depicted times above. There’s also a link below to add to your Calendar. In classic Apple Slice style, we will provide delicious discussion following WWDC - maybe even a Bonus Bite!

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